Lying in bed, I heard the rain on the roof last night. “Good.” I won’t have to water the impatiens.

It’s comforting, for some reason. Probably has to do with childhood or the rhythm or something primordial.

I wondered about how the sound of rain falling on our roofs in the middle of the night, common to human beings around the world, effected people in other places.

How Do You Love Difference?

Enrique Feldman is a thought leader, inspirational speaker, exceptional two-time grammy nominee and educator. He shares with us what Love Difference means to him.

We have to BE the love!

We have to BE the love!

We don’t always SEE the love when we’re in line at the supermarket or waiting for a traffic light to change. We have to BE the love. We have to show it and do it. 

Love Difference - Now More than Ever!

I am a performing artist, poet, writer, educator and creative.  I appreciate a culture of diversity and pluralism.  I attempt to expand my encounter with those who are other in as many ways as possible, and can always do more, and better.  

My work is deeply personal. Yet, I pursue a universal essence of human experience, where walls of difference collapse, celebration of uniqueness is ever extant, and participation in shared journey opens up possibilities of compassionate relationship. 

I am not perfect.  I have much to work on.  In these challenging times, however, I claim my celebration and gratitude for difference, as imperfectly as that may be.

Love Difference!

— Rick Wamer

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Celebrate Difference!

Delighted to see this expression of love for difference. Would be tres cool to have all the presidential candidates wearing one of these shirts… would truly bring out the love we need right now with refugees, immigrants, and the great big mix of wonderful difference we are in this world. Just think if the presidential campaign became a celebration of difference and a race to share what we have so everyone is safe, warm, fed, and maybe even happy. Is it crazy to act as though it could happen? Maybe acting as though is the only way it will happen. Wearing a t-shirt can’t hurt.  Express your love for difference today.  Go to our "Your Story" page and submit your own story of Love Difference today!  Join the revolution!