A3D Productions with WamerMime.com Presents: Tales of Transformation

Kafka’s Monkey adapted by Colin Teevan   Featuring Kate Clarke    Directed by Rick Wamer

Imprisoned in a cage and desperate to escape, Kafka's monkey reveals his journey to become a walking, talking, spitting, smoking, hard-drinking man of the stage. Based on the short story A Report to an Academy by Franz Kafka, this new adaptation is by acclaimed writer Colin Teevan.   

Inside Caligari by Rick Wamer    Featuring an ensemble cast of physical actors   Choreographed and Directed by Rick Wamer

What is inside the mind of Caligari?  What is inside the minds of today's citizens?  What price freedom?  A short visual essay on the transformational conflicts within the carnival of the mind!

Genesis by Rick Wamer   Featuring Rick Wamer    Self-directed

A Young Author's Conference.  An MC who is bored with the stories of the children.  A beautiful spring day and a cat.  Curiosity.  A reveal of a more innocent time stolen away in the confrontations of harsh realities of life and death.  A delightful pathos of the transformation of innocence to the next phase of our journeys through life.

February 17 - February 19 2017   Friday and Saturday 7:30 pm Sunday 1:00 pm

General Admission 18.00 Seniors/Students/Military 15.00

Zuzi! Theatre Located in the Historic Y    738 N. 5th AVE    Tucson, AZ 85705

From the Mime/Choreographer Rick Wamer comes a thought provoking selection of physical theatre to engage and inspire!  Don't miss this rare evening directed by the acclaimed Wamer.

"...an impressive depth of interpretation and heart!" - Marcel Marceau

"...never anything less than mezmerizing...calls to mind the mute eloquence of Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp." - Tucson Weekly